Slabs with different finishes

Impressions of elegance and quality


We will process granite slabs from 2 cm to 20 cm thickness.

The different sizes of slabs are detailed below.

There is no specific size for granite slabs as it is quarried directly from the earth. However, the standard size of slabs for creating counter tops vary from 2.13 to 2.74 meters in length, 1.21 to 1.67 meters in width and around 3.17 cm in thickness.

You can also consider the below given data for granite slabs (usually followed by granite manufacturers, suppliers and exporters globally):

Upon the request of client we can produce all intermediate sizes between 2 cm to 20 cm.

Based on the block size, measurements will change but not exceeds the maximum size.

Gang Saw Size (350 X 220 X 450):

¬†Granite Slabs (2, 3, 4,….10, 12, 14, 15, 16 up to 20 cm thickness)

· 345 X 215 CM Maximum Size

. 305 X 190 CM Average Size

.135 X 95 CM Minimum Size



Sawn Only

Pure, Untreated finish for the slab or tile the way it looks after the natural stone block has been sawn. The type of saw determines whether parallel grooves or circular marks can be seen. Mainly used for outdoor applications.

Polished Finish

The shiniest and smoothest finish by far, which presents the colors, veins and fossil structures at their most visible and intense. A mirror effect is created in dark shades

Honed Finish

The surface of the natural stone is scoured until a warm, matte shine is obtained. The grain used for scouring determines the result is obtained. Suitable for countless interior applications.

Leather Finish

The natural color of the granite is given extra emphasis with this original matte finish. A ‘leather touch’ feel is created.

Allegato Finish

Unique process that gives the surface appearance of alligator skin.