The Difference is Technology

Producing the wide range of granite slabs over 27 years by using our modern hi-tech machinery. Each year over 7,200 Cubic Meter of the finest granite slabs pass through our yards

Our granite slab plant

Wholesaler of India’s most finest granite slab exporter.

Technology → Production → Processing → shipping → Customer satisfaction

  • Gang saws – 6
  • Wire saw – 2
  • Polishing line – 2
  • Resining line – 1
  • Edge cutting machine – 1
  • Block Tilter – 1
  • Movable multi wire saw – 1
  • Gantry Crane – 2
  • EOT Crane – 5

The Packing and exporting of slabs to your destination

Our premium quality Indian granite slabs are exported and shipped timely to your desired destination, we aim for full satisfaction.

Our motto : There is only one way in keeping loyal customers, that is to dedicate time and effort towards goals that always puts customers first.


Slabs are covered with substantial cover by each side of polished area and packed with wooden crates and A frames which is safely loaded inside the 20’ft container and locked with seal. Personal care is taken during brazing and latching the crates to avoid damage during transit. At Indigra Exports, we guarantee to deliver the product in its original form to the customers; be it any part of the world. 

  • Improve loading accuracy
  • Streamline bulk handling
  • Global Service
  • Customized solutions
  • Save time & money
  • Withstands the toughest workloads
  • Secure and safe delivery of product with right time


Indigra Exports

– A transparent process

for stone delivery

Indigra Exports focuses on quality at all stage of production. So, it renders the same value to timely delivery of final products. We have a very effective transportation and shipping system, which ensures that all the deliveries happen on time. We always try to follow on schedule completion of deliveries, so as to ensure customer satisfaction.

We always keep a stock of fresh stones, so that we never get short of the same for manufacturing. Deliveries of raw materials as well as finished products are to be made on time at Indigra Exports. Our delivery partners offer prompt service and have done timely deliveries in the past even to the job sites that are nearly inaccessible. Proper care and maintenance of machinery prevents unexpected breakdown during the manufacturing process. We have adequate back-up power system and machines that ensures uninterrupted manufacturing in a state of power outage or machinery breakdown.

At Indigra exports, we make it sure that from production to delivery everything happens with a specified frame of time. We are capable of exporting and delivery natural stone products in all parts of the world with a special focus on timely and hassle-free delivery.